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My publications in English

The Development of the Baltic Sea Region as a Centre of
Global Logistics: the Situation Report and Future

  • The Application of Blockchain Technologies for Rail Transit Customs Procedures
    • The main research question was: whether the introduction of blockchain technology in transit customs procedures improves one or more aspects of transit services?
  • EU transport policy on the 1520mm rail area.
    • This paper presented on the International Conference on Political Science, International Relations and Sociology (ic-PSIRS) in February 2018 in Olomouc Czech Republic oposes that the EU transport policy promotes the development of rail infrastructure with primarily freight transportation.
  • The Effects of Internal Failures and External Regulations on State Funding of the Public-Use Rail Infrastructure.
    • This paper presented at International Scientific Conference „Economics and Management – 2014″ jointly with Remigijs Pocs is aimed at the examination of rail infrastructure state funding, its pre-conditions, the assessment of its needs and factors that can impact its amount and forms.
  • The Microeconomics of the Latvian Railway.
    • This study presented at 54th International Scientific Conference on Economics and Entrepreneurship jointly with Remigijs Pocs was targeted on the explanation of how the microeconomic behavior of the public-use rail infrastructure manager interacts with the response of the macroeconomic national wellbeing from the economic theory’s perspective.
  • Actual Problems of Public-Use Railway Infrastructure Development Modeling.
    • This was my first step to understanding of key variables and test indicators of railway infrastructure modeling. Presented at International Conference “New Challenges of Economic and Business Development – 2013”.