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Cost that is Directly Incurred as a Result of Operating the Train Service on the 1520 mm Rail with Primarily Freight Transportation

publiced in Transportation Research ProcediaVolume 14, 2016, pages 1914–1922


Under the Directive 2012/34/EU (21 November 2012) “the charges for … [rail] infrastructure … shall be set at the cost that is directly incurred as a result of operating the train service”. This charging rule is new for Baltic States’ railways, where due to the favorable geographic position a full cost application without detalization was possible. Although, a big number of relevant studies on the issue was made in EU, all of them covered only 1435 mm railways with primarily passenger transportation. This study has been made in order to understand the impact of train operating on 1520 mm rail infrastructure with primarily freight transportation.

A gradual model of infrastructure charging process in the Baltic States rail networks has been introduced as a result of this study.


  • railway costs;
  • charging model;
  • 1520 mm railway

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