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Charging peculiarities on European 1520

Oral presentation on InnoRail 2015, Budapest 12-14, October


jointly with Natalija Ribakova


Under the Directive 2012/34/EU (21 November 2012) “the charges for … [rail] infrastructure … shall be set at the cost that is directly incurred as a result of operating the train service”. A number of relevant studies on the issue was made in EU, all of which cover mostly 1435mm railways with primarily passenger transportation. However the train operation in the Baltic states is executed on 1520mm rail infrastructure with primarily freight transportation.

The extended study for understanding the result of operating the train service on 1520mm rail track and setting charge at a relevant level was made by Latvian charging body JSC LatRailNet.

The research project was realized in several steps. Firstly, more than 100 Latvian and international (mainly European and Russian) literature sources on scientific and practical knowledge with regard to the direct costs were analyzed. Secondly, in-depth expertise was organized among Latvian rail experts in order to determine whether the results obtained by the previous step are sufficient and how much are they attributable to the Latvian  network. Then, hypotheses about relations between train service quantitative indicators and financial data were stated and tested. Finally, charge level was determined.

The presentation introduces and summarizes the development of the mentioned research project and introduces the concepts of charging process in European 1520 area.

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